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Walmart SEO Guide: Best Ways To Rank Product Listing Easily

Nov 4

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, and it has been operating for over 80 years. Walmart is a place to go online to find great products and the information you need to make the best choices for your family. The company sells everything from food, clothing, home decor, and more. Walmart offers a broad assortment of quality products at everyday low prices. After you buy an item, use the "Recall" tool to contact Walmart and tell them about your product. Shop online for electronics, clothing, beauty products, groceries, and more from Save money. Live better.

When you are looking to sell your products online, there are many things that you need to consider before making any move. The first thing is that it would be better if you could make sure that your business is not going down because of any reasons and also get more profits from this venture. The second thing that needs attention is how much time will be required for these processes so that there is not too much time to pass away between one step and another.

  • Walmart Brands

Walmart brands are products that Walmart sells under its label. They're usually cheaper than other brands, but they may not have the same quality of items. Walmart also has a lot of different categories with its own set of products in them. For example, you could find Walmart furniture or bedding on the website, which would be an item sold by Walmart (but not necessarily made by them). Effective Walmart account management will increase your sale.

How to rank in Walmart search?

  • Product title: should be descriptive and contain all the essential features. In this way, you can build good visibility for your brand.


  • Product attributes: Your product must be listed on Walmart with all the relevant attributes like color, material type, etc.
  • Product images (both individual and zoomed-in)
  • Product name (and any other descriptive information that you want users to know about the product)
  • Product category: You should place your product in the correct type so users can easily access them.
  • Market effective pricing: Always offer a competitive market price of your product to your buyers.
  • Original customer review: You can build the trust of your buyers by putting actual reviews of your product.

When your priority is to manage my Walmart account you just need to follow these simple rules.

The importance of Walmart search terms

Walmart search terms are a great way to get traffic toward your content. You can add up to 5 search terms for each product listing and up to 7 words per search. Therefore, it's essential to choose your best keyword phrases wisely. The first two words are free, but you'll have to pay per click (PPC) or volume if your price is higher than $20 per click or 1K views/day, respectively.

Walmart meta description

The meta description is a long, descriptive text that appears below your product listing. It's an excellent opportunity to grab shoppers' attention and make them want to click through.

To write an optimized Walmart Meta Description for your product listing, start with:

  • Unique content - Make sure that no other page on Walmart has this same information as yours! This will help drive more traffic from customers searching for similar products (like if you're selling something similar). For example: "Buy ten pairs of socks at $9 each."
  • Product name: Make sure the product name is included in your meta description and category. 
  • Short: It should be short and concise.
  • Descriptive: It should also be descriptive of what the product is and what it does.

Walmart product name

The product name is one of the essential elements in Walmart's SEO. Using an easily pronounceable, descriptive, and relevant product name for your products is a good idea. For example: if you're selling a pair of shoes, consider using something like "Shoes" instead of "Sneakers." In this way, people can find it quickly and easily by scanning through listings on Walmart's website.

  • Unique - The best way to ensure uniqueness is by including numbers or special characters within your title tag (i.e., Shoes). It will help Walmart understand what exactly goes into each specific listing so it can return more accurate results when someone searches for these keywords within their search bar at top-level sites such as Google.
  •  Descriptive - Make sure that all content associated with any given item has been written carefully so that users understand exactly how each aspect works without having too much text cluttered around them.
  •  Easy To Read - Keep things short & straightforward with shorter phrases rather than paragraphs full of jargon or technical terms.
  •  Short Title Tag Lengths - Some suggestions suggest that longer titles could help improve rankings, but this isn't always true; sometimes shorter works better! Faster is always better when trying to get noticed amongst competing sites vying for attention among potential customers searching online.

Walmart product description

The product description is the most crucial part of your listing. It's a great place to tell your story, but you need to write it as a narrative and not just list features or make comparisons between other products. Use product descriptions to add value to your customers’ lives by providing information about how they can use the product or how it will benefit them. You can also persuade customers with high-quality customer service information that helps them decide to buy from Walmart.

Walmart images

Product listing images are the most critical part of your product listing, so it's essential to ensure they're high quality and relevant.

  • Images should be at least 1200px wide. Remember that some users may want to zoom in on your photo, so it is a very important part of product listings. Also, keep in mind that larger images may take longer for shoppers to download via mobile devices and slow down their browsing experience, so if they come across too many large files at once while scrolling through a page full of products!
  • Images should be in jpg or png format (no tiff). The two most common file types used by Walmart SEO experts are JPEGs and PNGs because they provide good quality images without using too much memory space on the server side or slowing down page loading speed on mobile devices like smartphones.



Above all, Walmart is a massive retailer with millions of products and customers who come to the site looking for them. It is a good idea to get benefits from Walmart marketplace advertising services to increase your business with the help of an e-commerce marketing expert. Urtasker provides complete solutions to the client's needs in e-commerce marketing. Our experts from Urtasker recommend they want; there are some best practices you should keep in mind for your product to be featured on Walmart's website. You can do good Walmart account management by following these tips:

  • Make sure it has a good description so that people will know what they are buying.
  • The title must be catchy to their search terms.
  • Make specific images show up well when searched by buyers.
  • Include keywords in the name or description of your product so that users can find it easier when looking through those sections of Walmart's website.