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Play Gonzo's Quest Slot Online

Jan 16

Along with Starburst, NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest is one of the most successful slot games in the world. Released in 2010, Gonzo's Quest free slot is still going strong and is one of the most sought after games in online casinos. In Gonzo's Quest slot machine, explorer Gonzalo Pizarro embarks on a journey in search of the mystical gold treasure of Eldorado. The setting of the game is the ruins of the temples of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Gonzo's Quest Slot Game

Gonzo's Quest slot game is known for its “falling winning symbols” style of action. Net Entertainment has given the feature the name Avalancha, which means “avalanche.” Gonzo's Quest slot machine is by no means the first game to take advantage of this game mechanic, but several slot machines have operated on the same principle long before the release of the hit NetEnt game. However, Gonzo's adventures brought this style of slot games to the attention of the general public.

Slots featuring the “falling symbols'' type of game do not contain reels. Instead, the symbols fall from above the playing area. At least three symbols on the same payline explode and free up more space on the playing area, dropping new symbols onto the playing area. The new symbols can hit other similar winning symbols and give a new win. All this happens during a game round, so it is possible to chain multiple wins for the same game round.

Collecting multiple wins during the same round also gives wins additional payout odds. In addition to the original payout mechanism, Gonzo's Quest slot game includes two special features: a wild symbol and the ability to play “Free Fall'' free spins.” The theoretical return percentage of the game is 96.00%.

Gonzo's Quest Free Spins and Odds

The more wins a player gets during the same game round , the better the gains in Gonzo's Quest. The first win of the game round is paid directly according to the payout table. The second win is paid double, the third is tripled, and from the fourth, all wins are paid five times. Thus, a properly matched combination of symbols can trigger a winning avalanche, from which the “Avalanche” mechanism takes its name.

Particularly delicious winning combinations are created when the Wild symbol appears on the screen. This winning question mark symbol replaces any other symbol. In “Falling Symbols” style slot games, Wild symbols easily rise to an unpredictable value, as a wild symbol can affect multiple groups of symbols at once and replace multiple characters at the same time.

The Wild symbol often sets off a large portion of the winning symbols and triggers a winning chain of multiple wins. Three “Free Fall” symbols allow the player to get no deposit free spins on Gonzo’s Quest. These symbols are not scatters, which means they must point to the same payline. After collecting the chips, the player is rewarded with ten free spins, during which all wins are paid out triple. This additional multiplier is multiplied by the standard “Avalanche” bonus, one of Gonzo's Quest slot bonuses, which means that when playing free spins, the first payout is paid out triple, the second payout is multiplied by six, and the third wins by nine. After more than four winning tubes, all wins are paid out up to 15 times.

Gonzo's Quest RTP

Gonzo's Quest has a return rate of 96%, which is a relative average rtp. It only means a theoretical return to the player for each game played. For example, if you play Gonzo’s Quest slot by betting $10 on this slot game, you will win back $9.6. Remember, it's a theoretical refund, it doesn't mean you're refunding just that amount. The variance of Gonzo's Quest is high and promises big wins for players.

Basically, the wins don't happen often, but the jackpot promises to be good. This slot machine is suitable for patient and risk-averse players as there is little to look forward to winning.Gonzo's Quest Game Graphics and SoundBeautiful graphics and smooth animations are definitely the benefits of Gonzo's Quest that make the slot game enjoyable. so popular.